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Internet Radio for Automotive

Delivering the future of radio, today

Optimized For Driver Safety
Our Internet Radio technology provides a rich experience, which we have specifically tailored for in-vehicle use to ensure driver safety at all times.

The automotive reference application we’ve developed demonstrates our vision for managing the features fundamental to a best-in-class Internet Radio
experience. This design accounts for when the car is in motion, to provide easy access to the most popular
features, while enabling access to all functions while a vehicle is parked or for rear seat passengers.

Mobile Solutions For In-Car Use
The vTuner mobile application is an easy way to add Internet Radio to your car entertainment products. Available as a standalone application, or deeply integrated into your existing Mobile App, the vTuner experience can be simply controlled through your car stereo products. Our app for iOS and Android can be fully customized with your brand and specific features that will delight your consumers.

Leading The Evolution of Radio
vTuner works with industry leaders at the IMDA and
RadioDNS in developing standards and profiles for the best hybrid experience in vehicles, for example, outlining the
mechanism for service following between terrestrial and
internet delivered radio as well as using the internet to
provide on-demand audio and additional content.